Let’s work ethically and transparently

We aim to apply the highest standards of ethics and integrity in everything we do. Our efforts to be more transparent in our work include: 


The ongoing training of health professionals is important and necessary. We often provide donations to organizations in the USA that conduct independent professional educational initiatives for medical doctors, including accredited life-long medical education. MSD does not interfere with the content of such courses. These donations are disclosed on the corporate website. 

Cooperation with medical doctors: 

MSD often works with medical doctors to share information on the newest medicines and treatments, as well as to learn how our patients perceive our products. We disclose our rewards for health professionals who speak on our behalf in the United States. We also support the law that is being discussed, that requires the disclosure of certain financial relations between medical doctors and the pharmaceutical industry. 

Registration and disclosure of clinical trials: 

Conducting clinical trials is an important step for determination of the safety and efficiency of our products. We register our trials online at their start so that we can inform the patients and the health professionals of thereof. Moreover, after completing the trial we present the trial results no matter what they are. 

Social responsibility and environmental responsibility: 

Our activities concerning transparency include other important aspects of our business such as our environment-related work, our efforts to expand the access to our medicines and vaccines across the world and our progress in ensuring diversity at the work place. You can find information about these and other basic efficiency indicators in our latest corporate responsibility reports. MSD Report for 2016/2017 

Political contribution: 

MSD makes a commitment to constructive participation in the political process and to disclosure of information for our political contribution. We range among the first companies that follow the Code of Conduct of the Centre for Political Accountability for corporate political expenses. Annually we publish information on our website about our corporate expenses for politics in the United States, Australia and Canada. MSD also discloses all its contributions for commissions known as organizations 527. MSD gives the employees from the USA an opportunity to participate in the political process by joining unbiased commissions for political activities. Aside from administrative expenses, the Political Activities Commission of the MSD employees is financed entirely by volunteer contributions from the eligible employees of MSD. Check information of MSD PAC on the website of the Federal Election Committee in the USA.

For more information on transparency in MSD, look at our Corporate responsibility report for 2016/2017